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Monitor your Stripe accounts
from your Mac's menu bar

Celebrate when you get paid. Catch failed payments.
Without opening another tab.

Push notifications you’ll love to read 💰

They keep a pulse on their business with CashNotify:

Stripe alerts right
where your business happens

CashNotify is designed for product people: bootstrappers, solo founders, consultants, digital nomads — any small business selling through Stripe.

If you value your time and money, and can’t spend your day in Stripe’s dashboard, then it’s been designed for you.

Lives in your menu bar

Install and forget. CashNotify lives in your macOS menu bar, so that's one less icon in your Dock. And it starts automatically, so you can just forget about it.

Native notifications

Receive alerts for successful and failed payments in your macOS notifications center. CashNotify always runs in the background, so you don't miss anything.


Decide which type of Stripe events you want to monitor. You can also choose not to display native notifications.


All data comes straight from Stripe to your desktop. No intermediate server is involved. Your Stripe API key is encrypted in your local keychain. So you know, it's safe.

Easy setup

Your Stripe API key is the only thing required to get CashNotify running.

Works with any service using Stripe