“Yes yes yesss, new sale!” 🤗“Dang, failed payment?” 🤨“Who made that refund?” 💸“When's the next payout?” 💰

Monitor your Stripe and Paypal accounts from your menubar.

CashNotify app for macOS
CashNotify menu bar app for macOS
CashNotify notifications app for macOS
CashNotify app for Windows
CashNotify menu bar app for Windows
CashNotify notifications app for Windows
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Stripe & PayPal alerts, for product people

CashNotify is designed for entrepreneurs who earn their living online: founders, freelancers, bootstrappers, consultants, digital nomads — any small business that gets money via Stripe or PayPal.

If you value your time and money, and can not spend your day in Stripe or PayPal’s dashboard, then it’s been designed for you.


CashNotify menu bar icon

Install and forget. CashNotify lives in your menubar, so that’s one less icon in your Dock. And it starts automatically, so you can forget about it.

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Payment notifications

Receive alerts for successful and failed charges in your Notification Center. CashNotify always runs in the background, so you don’t miss anything.

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Configurable events

Stripe notifications configuration

Decide which type of events you want to track and get notifications for. It includes captured payments, failed payments, refunds, payouts and subscription changes.

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Payment details

Stripe charge revenue details

Click on an event to reveal your customer’s details and the fees for this transaction.

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Multiple accounts

Adding Stripe API keys in CashNotify

Add multiple Stripe and PayPal accounts to see their revenue combined on the app’s dashboard.

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MacOS keychain authorization

Data comes straight from Stripe/PayPal to your desktop. No intermediate server is involved. Your API keys are encrypted in your local keychain.

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Easy setup

Your API keys are the only thing required to get CashNotify running.

Easy setup
Easy setup

Your security and privacy are of utmost importance

None of your financial data ever reaches us.
Everything happens between your computer and Stripe or PayPal servers, with no intermediate server involved. Your API keys are saved on your computer, encrypted in your local Keychain.

Read why CashNotify is secure.

We're a Stripe Verified Partner

Works with any service using Stripe and PayPal

You can use Stripe or PayPal checkouts directly, or use it as a payment gateway for compatible e-commerce and shopping cart services.
As long as you get your money through Stripe or PayPal, CashNotify will work.