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CashNotify is a menu bar app. The icon’s color indicates when something new happened in your Stripe account(s).

CashNotify macOS app closed
Icon Signification
Default icon
Default icon, nothing new happened since you last opened the app
New captured payment(s) icon
New captured payment(s)
New failed payment(s) icon
New failed payment(s)
New payout(s) icon
New payout(s)
CashNotify macOS app opened

Always up-to-date

CashNotify checks for new events in your Stripe account(s):

  • Every minute
  • When you open the app
  • When you click the “refresh” button

Configurable events

CashNotify lists 4 types of events, identified by an icon.

Icon Event
Captured Stripe payment icon
Captured payment
Failed Stripe payment icon
Failed payment
Stripe refund icon
Refund (deactivated by default)
Stripe payout icon

You can customize which type of events you’re interested in. Only these events will be displayed and trigger notifications.

Events details

Clicking on an event expands it to show its details. The “View on Stripe” button opens stripe.com on the page for this particular event.

Here is an example for each event type:


CashNotify displays a macOS notification when an event happens. The logos on the right are the accounts logos defined by you on stripe.com.

CashNotify macOS notifications

You can turn notifications off entirely. The menu bar icon’s color will still change to alert you of new events.

Notifications setting on/off switch

Multiple accounts

To add an account, copy/paste the corresponding API key from your Stripe dashboard. The account’s name and logo are imported automatically.

Adding a Stripe account on CashNotify

When you have multiple accounts, the account’s logo is displayed on each event to identify them quickly. Use the select to focus on one particular account.

Filtering revenue by account on CashNotify


The dashboard shows an aggregate of your revenues on the selected period. Refunds are deducted.

Changing the period on CashNotify's dashboard

If you have multiple Stripe accounts in different currencies, you can choose which currency to use for the graphs.

Dashboard currency selection

Share your graphs by clicking the “Share” button and dragging the image to another application like Twitter, Slack, Gmail…

Dragging the dashboard to share it on Twitter


Your security and privacy are of utmost importance.

None of your Stripe data ever reaches us. Everything happens between your Mac and Stripe servers, with no intermediate server involved.

Read why CashNotify is secure.