Redeem your license

StackCommerce Deal for CashNotify Essential

Enter you StackCommerce code, and complete the checkout:

Here’s a bit more instructions

Thank you for your purchase!

To redeem your personal license for CashNotify, you will need the unique code that StackCommerce sent you.

How to redeem your CashNotify license

  1. Enter your StackCommerce code in the field above, and click the big “Redeem” button.
  2. Complete the checkout till the end. The price should be free, thanks to your StackCommerce code.
  3. Within minutes of completing the checkout, you will receive an email with your actual license key for CashNotify. Save this license key somewhere, so you can reinstall CashNotify later, should you need to.
  4. Install and run CashNotify, and use your license key to register it (in Settings > License)

Something doesn’t work?

If the big “Redeem” button doesn’t work, or the checkout doesn’t open, or the price is not free, here’s what to do:

Open the 'Coupon' field at the end of the checkout
  1. You will have to open the checkout manually
  2. At the end of the checkout, enter your StackCommerce code in the “Coupon” field (see screenshot above)
  3. Continue and follow steps 2, 3 and 4 above.

Any other problem? Email us.