How to Use My Cashnotify License

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After your trial is expired, you need a license to continue using CashNotify.
If you don’t have one, you can buy a license here.

If you already have a license, here’s how to use it.

Validate your CashNotify license

  • In CashNotify’s main window, click on the ⚙️ cog icon (top-right corner) to open the Preferences. Then click on the License tab.

  • Paste your license in the License field, e.g. take this whole block:

    ====BEGIN LICENSE====
    hello ([email protected])
    =====END LICENSE=====

    Your license will validate instantly, and you will be greeted by a confirmation message.

  • If there is any error, you will see a message below the field.
    Make sure to paste all the lines of your license, including the ====BEGIN LICENSE==== and =====END LICENSE===== lines.

  • Any problem? Email us or

Then see how to get started with CashNotify.